Understanding DOS wait times


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Does 6-8 weeks of processing time for NOS waiver mean that to even touch the file they need 6 weeks? I would appreciate it if someone could clarify.




This depends on many factors including the work load they have and the time of the year and stuff. It could take less than six weeks or it could take a bit more than eight weeks. 

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Once the DOS receives all the required documentations from you (Passport data pages, all DS-2019, DS-3035, Statement of Reason, Fee), No Objection Statement from your Country's embassy in USA or equivalent, Employer's view (if applicable) and any other supporting document as requested by the waiver case officer, the processing time of 6-8 weeks is the maximum time (mostly) to give a favorable recommendation by DOS. In certain cases in the past, even it took less than a week for DOS to give a favorable recommendation after receiving the NOS from respective embassies. However, in 2014 for some unknown reasons DOS is taking more time to give a favorable recommendation. This may be due to the increase in J1 waiver application.

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