Canada visitor visa - Processing time?


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hi All


I am planning to go Canada visa, can anyone please let me know the process of how to obtain the Canada visa from especially LA office.


I am planning to walk in  and appear for the Visa. But I am hearing the rumors that CANADA visa offices are not accepting the walkins. Can you guys please share your experience and guide me.




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@panck: Yes LA office is no longer accepting walkins or applications through mail. Please visit and start uploading documents online.


Once you upload all necessary documents, they will review and send you a confirmation email with in 35 -40 days [including weekends]


When asked to send passport, please remember the following. [Things changed as of Feb 26, 2014]


1. Your confirmation email

2. Your passport

3. Your contact information [Phone number, address and email id]

4. Cashiers check $34.10 [in the name of CSC Consular Services Inc and send the original copy to 

CSC Consular Services Inc

P.O. Box 410039
Salt Lake City, Utah 84141-0039

5. Add a photocopy of the cashiers check with your passport.


Send items 1,2,3,5 to 


Visa Application Centre – Los Angeles

2100 E. Grand Avenue
El Segundo
CA, 90245


Useful Links:


Thanks and Good Luck !

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I too have received request for passport. I read in other posts , few guys sent there passport to LA consulate and there passport was unstamped when they received it. So, where should we send our passport to, LA or NY consulate ?


Also, are there any extra documents required to be send other than passport, request letter and self addressed express mail ? In other forums, I read they also request for VAC fees ?


From previous post why Cashier's check is required ?


What are the extra documents we shloud send along with original cahsier's check to Utah ?


Any help is appreciated.

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