O-1b Visa - Preparing for the Interview


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I have been in the US on O-1b for a little over a year after my petition was approved by USCIS. I haven't had the time to go to India for stamping. Reasons - Primary - Too caught with up with work. Others - Other O1-b holders who have not gone back for stamping for over 4-5 years, due to fear of rejection. 


My job requires me to be in both the countries, predominantly in the states and have to frequent India for meetings. This year I am planning to make a trip and have searched all over the web for 'possible interview experiences' but in vain. Just wanted to see if there is anyone who has appeared for a O1-b (Film/ Arts Related) Interview in India - Chennai in particular. How should I prepare for this interview and what are the probable list of questions I should go prepared with? I would be grateful if you can help me answer this for me. 


Prior to the O-1b, I have been in the US on F-1 for 3 years. 


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