Student Reentry- Left USA immediately due to some issue in india


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My F1 visa was approved for spring (Jan) 2014 intake. I went to US on 28 Dec'13 and came back to india within 1 week on 3 Jan'14 without starting my masters or registering for the courses.  Now i want to go back to USA to start my masters for summer intake (May) 2014.  My university has advised me to differ my application.  They have issued me a new I20 for summer intake. They have also advised me in a mail that i do not need a new visa as i have a valid visa as i am coming back to US within 5 months


University has terminated my old SEVIS number and issued me a new SEVIS number in the new I20. They have advised me that my old SEVIS number was terminated because i left USA immediately, they have also advised me that it is a normal procedure they need to follow as per the US immigration rules. Please be advised that my old Sevis fee has been transferred to the new Sevis number


Could You please advise me on my below queries


1) Can i reenter USA with the new Sevis number for the summer intake and start my masters. Please be advised that now i have a different SEVIS number when compared to the SEVIS number printed on my visa page


2) Will the change of SEVIS number be a problem for me at the Port of Entry or in Future reentry,OPT,etc


Please advise me appropraitely 

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