Probation Before Judgement (PBJ) for Traffic Speeding


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I was recently issued a speeding violation and fine. I hired a traffic lawyer to contest case and was issued PBJ by judge for three years specific to Maryland. In my research online, a PBJ for immigrants is not good. BUt the PBJ's I've come across online were for DUI/CDS violations. I live in Maryland and was told thats its very common for speeding violations. My questions. does a PBJ for speeding violation affect my H1B and/or green card process. I haven't applied my second H1B or started my green card process yet.n Currently, I am in my second year of my first H1B.. I am little worried about how much could this speeding PBJ can affect my future visa applications or stamping process.

Thank you.. Any information is greatly appreciated.

.. R

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