stuck at DOS (my timeline also provided)


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Nov 2013 Embassy of Houston attested copies were sent to respective 3 offices in India


Dec 30th  2013 Received all the NoC from India so submitted the online DS 3035 form and received the case no


Jan 2014  Embassy of Houston gave me a copy of NORI and also sent it to Indian Embassy at Washington


Jan 16th 2014 I received the copy of my NORI with my case no through mail . It also said that , they have sent my case to DOS at Washington


Its been more than two months now whenever i check my status it says


 "Currently, there is no information regarding the status of your case. If you would like additional information, please call Public Inquiries at 202-663-1225."


When I call this no it says you have reacched a nonworking phone of state gov.


Also called 202-663-6575 the asked me to call USCIS and USCIS asked to call the state gov back.


I am doing Post Doc at the medical center in Houston and my J1 visa ends by Oct end 2014.  One of my friend said he did not pay any kind of fees to DOS as the indian embassy directly sent the NORI to DOS.


Whenever I email DOS their responses was


"Your package must first go through processing at the wavier department in St. Louis, before being sent to Washington, DC. For the completion of the process. Once in Washington, DC, the information will be enter onto the system so you can check the status"


My question is


Should I pay the $585 fee or any other fee to the DOS. Did i miss out any kind of procedures ?


please advice.


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No since it went from the Indian embassy directly, also my friend said he did not pay anything so I was confused.


Please guide me how to pay it for my case no, the link etc

Hello. You have not infact submitted the package at all.


Do it ASAP.


Please see the J1 waiver website.


You have ONLY 'created' an application.


You have not yet submitted it to DOS.


If you do not submit an application, ofcourse you cannot get any updates.


FedEx all documents immediately.


It takes about 3 weeks to update them on the website.


All documents which are needed are already mentioned on the DS3035 package.

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You need to send your documents to the lockbox in St. Louis with a fee of $215 (the $585 is a fee for I-612 based on persecution or hardship that is filed with USCIS, but this is NOT for no-objection cases).


Your friend must have also done this, as this is the procedure (see


Also, if you're subject to the two year HRR because of a medical degree, you cannot apply via a NOS.

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The form says to use a cashier's check or money order. This is what I did. I do not know what would happen if you use a personal check.


Regarding the statement of reason, simply list your situation and the reasons why you want a waiver. It depends on your situation, and there are no magic words. Google sample statements to get an idea. For no-objection cases with no US Government funding, the application is straight forward and you don't need to dwell upon it.

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Do you all attach a letter with the packet requesting the waiver? If so what is the common reason you all mention that you must be eligible for the J1 visa waiver.


Sorry for posting such silly questions.

Hey when you must have prepared the Ds3035 online, you must have made a 'Statement of Reason' too, isnt it?


So you can make a cover letter on that basis. Cover letter is ONLY a formality. The Waiver officer is going to read your "Statement of Reason" and not cover letter for the reason for you getting a waiver.

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Dear all Please do answer my worries. I seriously don't know the next steps


In case mine approves after a month or so by DOS, Is there any other action I should take to receive the final NOC from USCIS unless requested by the concern authorities?


My understanding is After I receive the final aproval from USCIS  I should request my company to start the H1B procedures. I should follow up online for DOS and after that step I should follow up with USCIS via Phone.


Please correct me if I am wrong so that my process doesn't stuck anywhere between. Already because of my carelessness I have wasted 2 months.

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