NOIR - revoke H1 - site visit - client change


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My H1 is with employer X for client A since July 2013. I am currently working with Client B. When I moved to client B in Sep 2013, my employer has updated my LCA immediately.

The USCIS officer made a site visit to client A in Nov and found out that I wasn't working there anymore.

USCIS sent me a (NOIR) notice of intent to revoke my H1 in Feb. The reason stated was that when I changed the client, I should have amended my H1 too, and not just LCA.

My attorney sent a response with my current client details, client letter, pay stubs etc.

What are my chances? Will my H1 be revoked? Has anybody faced this issue before?

How long do you think it takes to get response in this kind of cases? 

I have heard about Counselors process. Can I use that and get a new H1? My stamping is until September. Will there be any issues when I go for stamping in future with this visa?


I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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