Calgary March 13 Approved


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H1 type: 7 th year. 



You came On student visa
Which school

You work for XXX (employer)

You work at client place. Who is your client?

what do you do for them        
Do you like working for them (client)

You happy with employer

Everything ok with overtime payments, on time pay? 

Read the H1 booklet and know your rights.


VO is super cool and friendly. I felt that he asked me questions with intention of giving visa. He didn't ask any documents. Only PP, DS160, one photo and H1. 

As far as i know total 7 people got approved today. 



Only one problem i faced is that i had lot of documents and i took a document bag. Since the document bag was too big they didn't allow the bag. so i had to carry documents without bag. 


If you have doubts on photo then better take photo at stationary shop located in the consulate building.


there is a coffee shop in consulate where you can wait before interview if you go early. 


they will let you go into consulate EXACTLY 30 mins before appointment time. No exceptions. 

No - cell phone, car keys any type of electronics. No big bags, no big ladies purses. And DONT take any SEALED envelopes. All envelopes should be open. 

wallet, belt and winter jacket is OK. No exceptions regarding these rules. Follow these rules thoroughly to make it easy.


Try to book a hotel close to Ctrain (Calgary Train) station so that you can go to consulate. It is very convenient. Cab is also an option but consider office traffic depending on your appointment time. With Ctrain you will skip traffic and you can be on-time quickly for just 3 bucks one way. 







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I had interview on the same day i.e 13th March and visa got approved, they asked general questions such as how long I been in US, highest degree, how the employer is paying.


Next day when I checked the status update site I came to know that my visa got issued, In the evening I went to Loomis central office to collect the visa, the funniest thing happened is, my name is present in the list of parcels collected from US consulate but Loomis dispatch person could not locate the parcel physically, he searched for 15 mts again and again in the lot he brought from the consulate but could not find it. finally one of my friend suggested to check whether the parcel is addressed to the central location or any other loomis branch, the person in-charge over their went inside and searched for the parcels destined to different locations and found mine addressed to different location. luckily the parcel was not dispatched yet to that location so he could bring it for me from inside.


so my suggestion is when you see your name is in the list and could not find the parcel then suggest Loomis dispatch person to look it in the other lots.They are very nice people they extend the help to the maximum.

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