Ottawa accommodation sharing 14th March to 18th March


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ok sure, Officer hasn't asked me much. all he asked was about my masters and what was my role at work. It was a quick one..


Here are some questions that they may ask at this particular consulate.

1. about masters/opt 

2. how long have you been in us

3. about your role and responsibilities long have you been working with your current employer.


i have carried all the required docs that they might ask for. so carry as many as you could and be confident wear a smile on your face and good luck with your interview.

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Have you done your master in USA?



What is your major and how is it related to your job?



any work experience in India?




When did I completed masters and when I started working ??

It was not long so VO was fine with answer.


Told me, It will take another to update the status( Might be PIMS not updated issue). Asked me to check it online.


March 12th - Interview

March  13th - Administrative processing

March 14th - Issued (updated in CEAC site)


Waiting for email from Loomis center, Hopefully I will get Passport on Monday.



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