H1b transfer with salary slips showing advance payment


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I am on H1b visa.

My employer is ready to clear my dues with the payslip of amount= Total salary/26 as I get paid biweekly.

( thanks guys my emails with threat of Department of labour worked)


However she is showing advance payment instead of regular pay.

No money will be deposited in my account.

can I use this salary slips for H1b transfer?

I am doubtful. She is claiming that it will look like a complete salary slip but I am not sure.


The attorneys of the new employer are going to contact me on the coming Friday for latest salary slips.


1. should I file complaint today using WH4 form?

2.Is there any way my current employer will know that I have placed a compliant to DOL?

I afraid it might lead to H1b termination before H1b transfer.


I really want my H1b to get transferred.


Thanks a lot!

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