H1B petition approved in 05/04/2007

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I had my H1B petition approved on 05/04/2007 and it was valid from 10/01/2007 to 04/19/2009. During this period, we didn't have any projects in US and hence my H1B was never stamped.


I was under the impression since the H1B petition was expired i will not be able to use it. Hence i applied for L1B in Jul 2011 and my L1B is expiring on Jul 11th 2014. I am currently working for a client in US on L1B.


I was about to extend my L1B and came to know that i can use my H1B petition.


Is that true i can use the H1B petition now for this client? Pls confirm. I got the H1B for a different client ? Should i need to post the LCA for this client and then use it?


Should i need to go to india and stamp my H1B for this client or can i use this petition from US. 


Thanks in advance.





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