H1-H4 - Currently in US - Travelling to India Soon- Dilemma


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I entered US on H4 and COS to H1B which expires September this year. (EVC Model, always in Status, all pay-stubs available)

I am travelling to India in August(1 month before my H1 expires) and my employer is not ready to extend my visa due to project issues.

My husband has a valid H1 till 2014 (extension) which also needs to be stamped during this (direct employer,large non-IT job & company).

Should I apply H4 while I am in US

or apply it when I go to India

or should I go for H1 stamping and apply for H4 in case H1 stamping is rejected?

And how long will the process take in both the places as I have just around a month to leave.

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