Wrong dates on EAD Card


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I received my EAD card a few days back. It was supposed to have been approved for 20-Feb-2014 to 19-Feb-2015 but got approved for 20-Feb-2013 to 19-Feb-2014. I know this is a typographical error on the side of USCIS as the my I-20 has the correct dates (i had requested dates from 10-Feb-2014 to 9-Feb-2015) and this was a post completion OPT and my coursework got over in Dec-2013.


I have already called up the USCIS helpline and they said I can expect a e-mail / post from them regarding the next steps I need to take in the next few days.


My questions are :

Am I allowed to take up a job right now ?


What steps will USCIS ask me to take and Is there any way to speed up the process by USCIS since this was their mistake?



Thanks in advance


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