EB3 140


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My Qualifications


3 year bachelor of science (computer science) from India.

1 year post graduate diploma (computers)



PERM Labor drafted as mentioned


Education minimum level required : OTHER

" bachelor or equivalent / employer deems combo of univ education as determined by professional evaluation "


Is training required in the job: NO

Is experience in the job offered required for the Job: NO

Is there an alternate field of study that is acceptable: NO

Is there alternate combination of education and exp acceptable: NO

Is foreign equivalent acceptable: YES

Is experience in alternate occupation acceptable: YES

if yes, number of months exp in alternate occupation required: 36



Problem is I only have 24 months of experience letters with job duties, I do have 48 months of experience but I don't have detailed experience letter to support 36 months of experience, nor I am able to obtain detailed experience letters.


will I get 140 approval in EB-3 skilled worker based on just my education as primary requirement

OR does this Labor suggests that 140 can be approved only on basis of ALTERNATE experience requirement ??

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