March'14 H1b stamp in Toronto


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I had my visa interview today and it well. I started this topic because I wanted to clarify a couple of silly things I read online regarding the documents to take when I was preparing for my interview:


1. You do NOT need photographs of the building you work at. That is just silly!

2. You do NOT need the original LCA of I-129 petition that was filed. These are for your employer to keep. You just need copies of these documents.


Please make sure you do not have any food, drinks, or any electronic devices on you when you enter the consulate. They do not have a locker to keep these things - so you will be denied entry into the consulate if you carry any of these items.


Details of my interview:

I showed the appointment confirmation page and my passport to the guard prior to entering the building.

After passing through security screening, one officer took my passport and DS160 confirmation page and placed them in a folder and gave it back to me.


I was let into the interview room. The officer asked for the folder I was given and the original I-797 approval notice. She verified my petition on PIMS, gave me back the folder with my i-797, and asked me to go to another counter to submit my finger prints. I gave the folder again at this counter, submitted my finger prints, and received a token number for my actual interview.


The officer who interviewed me took the folder, confirmed I worked for so and so company, and asked what I did and how much I earned. He further confirmed that I was on student visa prior to this. He told me my visa was approved and asked if I would like to collect my passport at the consulate rather than the Loomis location I had selected (Brampton). I said yes, so he gave me a slip to identify my passport and asked me to come two days later between so and so time to collect my passport and the original i-797 form.


PS: I did not have the original top portion of my i-797 approval notice - I did not take this portion from my employer. All I had was the bottom portion which included the i-94.


I had taken a bunch of other documents, none of which they asked for. Here's a list of documents I took (this is based on several blogs I read prior to my interview - I just took whatever made sense to me. Pictures of my workplace sure didn't make sense to me!):


1. Appointment confirmation printout

2. DS160 confirmation

3. Current and any old passports

4. Two passport size photos

5. Original bottom portion of i-797 approval notice

6. Copy of whole i-797 approval notice (top and bottom portions)

7. Copy of white i-94 card that I submitted when I exited US

8. Employment verification letter

9. Pay slips for the past 12 months

10. Bank statements for the past 12 months

11. MRV fee payment confirmation

12. All past tax return documents

13. All past W2s - original and duplicate

14. Master's and Bachelor's degree certificate copy

15. Master's and Bachelor's degree transcripts - original and duplicate

16. Copy of Labor Condition Application and I-129 petition


My company does not have an end client, so I did not need an end client letter.

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