H1B stamping - Toronto - 03 March - approved


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my interview was at 9 am but reached consulate at 1030 due to heavy traffic jam. But no one questioned on that. 


The first lady who checked my PIMS status, wrote "PIMS ok" on my DS-160. then i did fingerprinting. after that went to the visa interview window when my number came - 




1. Whats your company name ? What do you do ?

2. Do you work for any client ? -  

3. Your current h1b is with same employer as previous h1b.? yes

3. How many family members do you have in US ?

4. Show me your W2s

5. Whats your salary?


Your visa is approved. would you like to change your loomis location? No.


Please check the status online for passport pickup.

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