Documents to CGI (NYC) for J-1 Waiver ?


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Hey Guys !!


I was wondering if someone could provide me an exact list of documents that would need to be when I visit the CGI office (NYC) as I begin the J-1 Waiver process ?


I believe I know a few on the list-


1. BioData Form

2. Affidavit 

3. Application for Misc Services


(Four original copies of 1,2, and 3 each of which need to be notarized) 


4. DS-2019

5. Passport


(Do I need to have notarized copies of 4 and 5 to leave with the CGI Office ?)


Outside these documents do I need to bring any other documents (Copies or originals) with me i.e. University/College Transcripts /  Degree Certificates /  Rental agreement  (Proof of residence) ? If so do they need to be notarized also ?


Also, regarding the return envelopes, How many do I need to provide them with if I am visiting them in person ?


Finally, payment for these services- Can I just take my check book and write them out a check while I am there for the services provided ? If not, what is the acceptable alternative ?


A quick response would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you all so much !!  





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Since you are going in person there is no need for notarization. But, if you can then get it done. You need to show originals to authorities at consulate.

You need proof of US residence.

I do not think you need any return envelope as you are going to collect them in person after attestation by Indian consulate.

Carry Check and cash.


All these information are available in the following website

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