H1B visa approved PIMS not found Ottawa, Canada


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I went to interview with my 3 year old daughter.Here are the details of my interview

Vo: When did you complete your graduation

Me: answered

VO: Where did your daughter born


VO: How old is she

Me:close to 3 years

Vo: Is your husband on his own visa

Me: Yes

My husband came to us on h4 and later he got h1

Vo: Give me the detail description of what you did after your graduation

Me: Answered

Vo:How long have you been working with your current employer ?

Me: Two and half years

Vo: Your pims is not found. It make take one or two days more than the usual time to get your passport. You may get it on Monday or Tuesday.

He gave me the details to track my passport.

Through out the interview, my daughtet and the Vo were smilling at each other..

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