visitor visa DS-160 question


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I am currently on H1B and planning to apply for visitor visa for my parents . What should I mention in DS160 for occupation of my father ? , he used to have transportation business earlier but now he is out of it . He has a house in his name and currently gets rent income on it every month .

Can I choose primary occupation as 'other' and mention that he is getting rent income . will this affect his chances of getting visa . 

Or should I choose as 'Business' and mention the transportation business ? 

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I submitted the DS160 for my father on Feb 9 2014,  i did mistake in Education, actualy he has done PG , but i have mentioned only degreee, and at the time of he applied Passpost he mentioned deggree and PG , and also i did mistake in us address in 2 different place differently , mentiontion Unit # in other place APT #


i think DS 160 submitted application will be expired in 30 days, should i wait till mar 9 and submit new application or go ahead with payment.i have to submit mother DS 160 also and send them together for interview.


Please suggest.

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