US Passport denied, should I apply for N600?


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Hi All,


I recently applied for a US passport based on my dad being a US citizen. It was denied because of legitimation. Everything else was fine. His physical presence is satisfied, he has a US birth certificate. He's on my birth certificate inlcuding his social security number. I even have his last name. Also grandparents are US citizen.


The problem was because he and my mother were not married and he wasn't in my life much up until the age of 18. Only the first 3 years of my life. I reconnected with him at 19. I'm now 30. We now have a good relationship. It took 9 months for them to look at my application and deny it. I put forth some information on legitimacy in UK law which was the family reform act and found a bunch of other stuff to do with illegitimacy in the UK. They said it wasn't strong enough as the legitimacy act still out rules every other act created after it. I was born and raised in England, UK.


They are now putting an information pack on other ways for me to get my citizenship, which I have yet to receive. Someone told me I should try applying for N600, but I thought that also has the same requirements.


Any ideas if I should apply for the N600 or what other ways would be good to get my citizenship?

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