H1B Denied, OPT Expired, SEVIS terminated


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My employer filled H1B for me in April 2013 and got approved. I left the company A in august and company A revoked my H1B but my OPT was active till November 2013.


My Employer B filed H1 in september under premium processing and got RFE and replied to it within time and decision was pending till now.


Two weeks ago online it is showing that USCIS denied the application and send the denial notice explaining the reasons and future options that I may have.


My employer/lawyer has not received any email or physical notice yet. My employer is telling me that he called USCIS and they said that its denial of change of status but H1 is approved. So i will have to go out of US and get stamped.


1. Since my OPT is expired & online it says denial, can I stay in US until we receive physical notice?

2. My school says that my SEVIS is terminated so I can not get admission unless I go out of US and get stamped for F1 again. Is there a way to reactivate SEVIS?

3. When does 60 day grace period start, after OPT completion or after I got the H1 denial physical notice in hand?

4. Is there any viable way to stay in US?

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