Company A is asking for Money as offer was refused after H1 transfer.


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Company A has tranfered my H1 now for xyz reason I am not able to join company A. Now they are asking to pay 5K else they will send letter through lawer. I had signed offer letter, which says I can leave company with or without notice any time. Anyways I have not joined the company yet, the agreement is not applicable to me. And I have not signed any paper saying I have to pay back so and so money if I don't join. Now Company A is saying they have spent money on me , so I have to pay back even if I have not signed anything.


- My question :

1. Do I really need to pay back any money to company A

2. Can they do legally anything to me?

3. What I am suppose to do when they send the letter from lawer askking for money?


Kindly reply to my question.. Thansk a lot in advance .

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