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I have H1B petition filed in year 2008, Approved for 2008 - October 2011, and visa did not approved as case status review with USCIS.


In 2012 , using the old h1 cap.. new employer filed the H1B petition under cap exempt case.  New petition approved for April- 2012 to October -2014 . And I got the visa stamped in May-2013 and visa valid till October-2014.


I was thinking that Visa approved will be for 3-years but they have given only 1-year till October-2014. So is this based on petition approved dates.


Now , if i file a extension, how many years will i get the approval. Will this have a new peition . And will the approval dates be based on the petition and project dates.



My doubt here is, in general, first time H1 is approved for 3-years, and Second time it will be for 2 years, and then it will be 1 year . as it would be 6 yrs of H1B stay. 

Is this how the petition approval or visa approval derived by USCIS.


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