Applying for Naturalization (3 months prior to eligibility)


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I am a permanent resident (marriage-based) and got my permanent resident card on August 20, 2011. I know that I am eligible to apply for naturalization at the end of 3 years; however, I read somewhere that it is possible (and advisable) to apply a few months (3 months/90 days) before August 2014. This site said that because the processing time (for scheduling interview) is usually >3 months, it does not cause any problem if one files the I-400 up to 3 months before the eligibility date. 


On a different site, I read that if the interview gets scheduled before the eligibility date (August 20, 2014 for me) then the application is rejected for not being eligible. 


Not sure what to believe and would appreciate some clarification.



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Naturalization applications can be filed up to 90 days (which is usually slightly less than 3 months) before the continuous residence requirement is fulfilled, provided that all other requirements are fulfilled.

They generally don't schedule an interview before the eligibility date. And even if, they would just delay the approval. Applications get rejected if one of the other requirements wasn't fulfilled when the application was filed.

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