H1b and Lottery


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1. How the H1B lottery process works?


2. Is the lottery happens per H1B petition or is it by Employee?

  ie: If H1b for an employee is applied by 2 employers, Will the application counted as 2 in the lottery or 1?


3. Does applying multiple H1b increase the chance of Lottery?





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The exact process is not known, but what is known is that they identify multiple filings for the same beneficiary. Such applications are only counted as one.

Multiple applications do not increase the chances. In fact, they decrease the chances, because they trigger RFEs and audits due to possible law violations, like the beneficiary paying for the H1s.

No sane employer would file and pay for an H1 petition if the employer knew that the person also has another petition filed.

Commit to one employer.

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