Law Suit on H1B payment


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Dear Sir / Madam,


I got a lawsuit letter from law office; I am confused what I am supposed to do.


Here was the situation


I was employed with XYZ company on H1B visa, I went for India for some family urgency, I was in the situation, if I go out of the country, I need to get the stamping.


I got the all documents from employer and vendor and end client (EVC) to appear stamping. Also I have appeared for the stamping in India, the visa officer issued and 221g letter, stating that my case needs Additional Administration Processing. It took arround 3 to 4 months, final I got the denial letter, stating that your visa cannot be approved because of Employee - Employer relation.


From the day 1 when I out of the US to 221g denial decision Letter, my employer paid the salary, sooner after knowing my visa got refused under 221g, he started asking the amount which company paid.


After 2 years I found out another employer, I came to US again, now he sent as Lawsuit copy filled against me.


I am worried about, how to handle this?. If anyone would able to help me it would be a great help for.





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