Feb 26th Toronto 221 g yellow


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I went for stamping today to toronto and got 221g yellow slip, Below is my Interview


VO: Why do you want to go to US

Me: I have been working in US and came for Stamping

VO: How long you have been in US

Me: for 4 years

VO: did your employer file Greencard

Me: No

VO: do you know you can only work for 6 years on H1 (Although I started my H1 4 months back)

Me: Yes

VO: have you been working with the same employer for 4 years

Me: Yes, I did my masters and then worked on OPT for some time and now on H1

VO: Can I have your I 797

Me: I handed it over to him (I worst mistake I did is giving only the 1st page of I797 thinking that second page is not needed as it has void at the bottom and some info at the top)

VO: Your skills

Me: Blah Blah Blah

VO: Can I have your wages

Me: Handed them over to him

VO: How much are you getting paid

Me: X$ per annum

VO: Are you getting paid on time and what have been promised for

Me: yes

VO: Have you been on bench for some time

Me: No

VO: Are you sure (I do not know why he stressed on it although I was never on Bench)

Me: Yes

VO: He took out yellow slip and wrote the following details

My Name, Batch :273 ,Date: 02/26/2014

VO: I am sorry to inform you but “you may not be able to work in US further” .

You may have to wait for more time in here. I see that your employer has a lot of immigration issues in the past.

Me: Ok and he took my 1 page I 797 and returned me pp and Yellow slip.


Almost 40 – 50 employees from my company went for stamping in the past one year and everyone got visa without any 221 g.

Today one of the employees got visa from my company who went to Vancouver at 11:30 after mine which was at 9.

Please share your thoughts regarding Batch Number: 273 and any suggestions.

I am stuck in Canada now and searching for accommodation.

Suggestion: Don’t go for stamping unless it is absolutely needed (I did this mistake)

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Just wanted to point out for some question you gave too much info.


VO: have you been working with the same employer for 4 years

Me: Yes, I did my masters and then worked on OPT for some time and now on H1


the answer should have been just; Yes.



OP don't get dishearten, if you have all the papers, you will give you the visa its just a matter of time. I understand the hard thought.


I had my interview recently and went well.

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Iam a canadian permanent resident. i got yellow slip after my interview this week. 

I applied for tourist visa and the reason was to visit USA for travel/shopping, however, this interview experience was really bad. Not only did i get yellow slip, they returned my passport and asked for further travel related documents (travel history since i travel often) . i dont even want to pursue this any further just for the sake of going for travel/tourism reasons


any suggestions please? iam very tense

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Hi @harish41567, @ Toronto2014

My case is very similar to yours. Details below - 


March 10, Mon:Interview  - 

The VO gave back the passport and said it may take up to a month to process my case as he wanted to do some more checks on my employer. Did not give any slip. VO was young American in 30's.He only had my I-797.


Please let me know if you guys have any new update

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Even the same guy Interviewed me and gave yellow form and said he needs to do some additional background check on my employer. As mentioned they asked me to submit H1b petition and after submission they contacted my client last week and after that no updates and my online case shows no update since the date case has been opened.




Any updates after your client has been contacted.

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Hello All,

          I went to Toronto US consulate for my first H1B stamping on Jan 27th 2014. Interview went good and VO said your VISA got approved you can leave now. But, with in few minutes he said "Oh... We need few weeks for administrative process". And I was asked all supporting docs in the following weeks. Even I was asked for a supporting documnet last week. I am bit worried  now. Why they are doing like this?. What could be the reason?. Please advise.


Thanks in advance.



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