Job for hospitality when course discontinued


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I am student from UCR doing a PG in Hospitality Managment ,I failed one module of my course in the first quarter and doing my second quarter . I have been told that I cannot get my diploma and OPT AND CPT , as I have not passed my first quarter , They said to finish my second quarter and achieve my grades. And u can leave back to India . As I got visa F2 for my wife she would be coming in a week and not able to do any thing now. As my wife is coming for an exam and can she find a job here . During these process period can I stay at USA and wait for exam and result and find a job for me .

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What is this BS about getting OPT and CPT?

Concentrate on your studies, not on working.

And if you don't get acceptable grades, the DSO has to inform USCIS and your F1 would become invalid.

Also, your spouse on F2 can NOT work, and even if she qualifies for an H1, that would start Oct. 1 at the earliest.

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