OPT before completing degree on the basis of old degree obtained in US?


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I am in India as of now. I had completed MS in one of the US schools few years back and then immediately I moved to India for personal reasons. I am again interested to come back to US. So I have couple of questions:-


Few years back when I had completed the MS, I didn't apply for OPT. Since now there is considerable gap of few years, will I be eligible to apply for OPT in US? And since now I don't have a visa, can I come again as a student on student visa to do another masters degree and if I get an offer in between at all, accept that offer and be eligible to work through OPT?


I am also having intention to complete the 2nd MS too, but then if I get a good offer in between even before I complete this 2nd MS, I may accept it and leave the MS halfway -- since I am already having one Masters degree from US. I hold MS in physics, and I am intending to apply for MS in computer science as of now.  


So my question still revolves around knowing if, once I arrive in US as a student now, I can claim OPT on the basis of my old MS ?



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Simply put, no, you cannot use your previous Masters degree for OPT employment authorization now.  From the USCIS web site, for OPT employment authorization "you may file up to 90 days prior to your program end-date and not later than 60 days after your program end date", so your opportunity to apply for OPT employment authorization ended a "few years back".

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