H1b withdrawn accidently by my employer


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My employer got my H1B transferred in Dec-2012 and it was valid till Dec-2015. However due to a glitch, they sent a notification to USCIS on Dec-2013 to revoke my H1B. The error was discovered in Jan-2014 and they have filed a new I-129 to retroactively fix the problem. My case is in RFE at the moment.


1. I had absolutely no control over this situation and wasn't even aware of this. How is USCIS gonna treat my case. Anyone been in a situation like this before?

2. Even if the USCIS approves my case for now, do I still get the tag of unlawful resident for this time? Should I get some documentation from my current employer incase I change employer in future?

3. What are my options incase USCIS declines my case.


(My employer is a bigname tech giant)

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