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Hello there,


My case is little different. I came to US only L1 and then converted to H1, i wanted to know how many years are left on my H1 for extension. Below are the Stay dates in US:


From Date - June 22nd 2008 
To Date - August 29th 2008
Visa Type - L1 Individual 
No of Months -    2

From Date - Feb 16th 2009
To Date - Oct 1st 2009
Visa Type - L1 Individual 
No of Months -     9


From Date - Oct 11th 2009
To Date - Jan 6th 2010
Visa Type - L1 Individual
No of Months - 3  

From Date - Feb 28th 2010
To Date - July 15 2011
Visa Type - L1 Individual 
No of Months -    17

From Date - Sep 5th 2011
To Date - Jan 20th 2012
Visa Type - L1 Blanket 
No of Months -  4

From Date - Jan 23rd 2012
To Date - Till Date
Visa Type - H1B 
No of Months -  25 

Total # of Months in US -  60

My First H1 was approved on Feb 2010, however I used my H1 from Jan 23 2012. The second H1 was filed on Oct 2012 and that was approved until Mid April 2014.


I'm applying for my H1 extension now and my employer is saying that i'm still left with 4 years on my H1 since i have used only 2 years. However i'm of the impression that i still have an year left on my extension. Please advise which is correct.



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