change of status f-1 to h1b


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I am on f-1, my wife is on h1b and I wanna come back on h1b,

her company has applied for green card recently, so I was wondering

what is the procedure of doing that. She has not included my name for

green card as I have other commitments.

If you and your spouse are from India It is a long way to go for GC. You need to find an employer willing to file a H1B for you. 

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Sorry, correcting my mistake, I wanna come on h4, dependent visa.

My wife is on h1b, she has filed for gc, so wondering how it will work

She has not included me in the gc, when she filed.

I have a canadian pr.... So just want to enter the country back from canada.

You can apply and attend a H4 visa interview at US consulate with a copy of your spouse's I797.

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