How to correct a mistake made on my I-539 for COS from H4 - F1


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Hi Andrew,

Currently my spouse is on a H4 Visa. She applied through the USCIS ELIS online system for COS from H4 – F1 Visa and got her receipt and her status says ‘Pending Review’.

She answered the below question #6 wrongly but answered question # 7 and # 8 correctly under ‘Immigration’ Category

6) Are you, or any other person included in this benefit request, currently an applicant for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status? 
(She answered
Yes thinking that by 'adjustment of status' they are referring to the current adjustment of status from H4 to F1. But she has not filed for any immigrant visa or any other adjustment of status) 

Name of the person included in this benefit request who filed the application for the immigrant visa (She did not fill in any answer for the questions below as it clearly states for immigrant visa): 
6.a.1. Last Name (Family Name) 
6.a.2. First Name (Given Name) 
6.a.3. Middle Name 
6.b. USCIS Receipt/Case Number


7. To your knowledge, are you, or any other person included on this benefit request the beneficiary of any other nonimmigrant or immigrant application or petition? No

8. Has Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, ever been filed by you or by any   other person included in this benefit request? No


How does she rectify this? Is there a way to amend an I-539 form already submitted? We are worried she might get a RFE or Denial.  Please advice.


I really appreciate your response




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