Parallel H-1B extension by two employers


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Hi ,


My friends previous H1B with employer A expired in 2011. Now Employer B from India has filed for the extension under regular processing but its been a while he did not get approval notice i.e. I-797. he got an offer from Employer C and he is ready to do premium H-1B extension. Could you please confirm on below.


1. since employer B extension is not approved effective today , can employer C can do premium extension on Employer A's expired petition i.e. I-797. ?

2. If Employer C starts extension on Employer A's pettiton ( premium processing ), in between if Employer B's extension petition pending for long time gets approved, will Employer C's extension request on Employers A petition will be cancelled or still Emplooyer C can do the extension?

3. Becuase by the time Employer C submits the petition if Employer B has already got extension for Employer A's petition ( not sure if EMployer A's petition gets cancelled in this case ), will employer C's petition be invalidated or it still ( Employer A's petiton )can be transferred to Employer C?







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