New DS 160 or OLD DS 160 if I change the interview post?


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I already filled the DS 160 form and paid the fees for my parents thinking they will go to the Kolkata consulate. We were planning to have the interview in Oriya in Kolkata. However, we are not getting any dates in Kolkata for Oriya as the language. So I am planning to go to Hydrabad instead of Kolkata.


1. In that case my question is do I need to fill the DS 160 again for Hydrabad?


2. What happens to the OLD aDS 160 application that I filled 20 days ago?


3. Is it ok to schedule the interview after 30 days of DS 160 submission? I thought they have the application for 30 days. But may it's in their system. Right?


Please confirm.


Thanks a lot once again. Appreciate it.

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