STEM OPT change of employer and offer letter?


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I am preparing my documents for STEM extension and wanted to confirm here about the same. I see many RFE for proof of employment, unemployment period etc and that makes me wonder if I need to send all paystubs.


My DSO gave me the below list:

-completed I-765 with information filled in for 17 © (3)( ©

-application fee of $380

-I-20, which she will send to me

-2 passport photos

-passport identification pages

-academic transcript

-copy of current EAD card

-previous I-20 copies

-I-94 copy



She did not mention employment proof or job letter and said it is not needed. However I see many RFE for the same. Should I include it anyway?


Also, does the STEM OPT I-20 carry the employer name? My current employment ends around June-mid. I will start looking for jobs in May, so if I don't have the EAD by then, is it ok to still go ahead and change employers?

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Go ahead and include the offer letter.  You can legally change employers, as you are waiting for OPT stem extension card, but theoretically, you can receive RFE about previous employment and if you have already changed employment.. I am not sure how that will work out for you.

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