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Dear Gurus,

I have lived since birth till Dec, 2009 in Vizianagaram.

Since Jan,2010 to present I have been living in Hyderabad. I could get police clearance stamped in my passport at Visakhapatnam (to submit to the NVC for consular processing of my GC). Do I need to get police clearance at passport office, Hyderabad too, since I have been living there for >6 months? Thanks in advance.

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I dont think it is necessary. If you have valid proof of address at vizag and if they have issued you the PCC. the PCC data in our Passport office systems is valid for 10 years.

For another PCC to be issued at the new address, You would need to do change of address in your passport and you would submit proof of ID at the new address and two references in your neighbourhood. A policeman deputed by the commissioner of police at hyderabad would come in person and verify your references.

However in your visa application if you entered your hyderabad address and if your passport reflects the vizag there could be confusion. If that is the case please change your address to hyderabad and go through the process.

Please clarify this at your passport office as well. Your situation is little different.

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