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I got my H1B visa approved and traveling to US next week. My LCA / I-129 filing has a salary of $82,680. Today my employer provided me a deputation letter which has my Base Salary as $67,200 and COLA as $5500. There is a major deviation of close to $9900. I checked the FLC Wage date and as per my Job Code and Level, the salary specified is $82,264.


Is it right to complain against my employer once i reach US? Should i insist my employer to ensure the pay i receive is very low than the prevailing wage? Please suggest.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.




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Traveling in this situation is ill advised without a consult with an attorney. It is better to have everything in order BEFORE entering the US rather than trying to fix it later.


You do realize that you are an "at will" employee and can be terminated at any time for any reason. Going to the US and then initiating a complaint is likely to find you on your way home.


Your best option is to find a new employer to file a new petition and enter on that one.

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