H1b - Six Year Cap taken - PERM not yet approved - Lost my job.


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All - I am an peculiar quandary. Any knowledgeable responses will be much appreciated.


Here is my case - 


PERM Submitted (June 2013) but not yet approved. I also have an earlier priority date of March 2010.

I was on H1b visa on my third three year term which would have ended on December 2014 (6+ year cap already reached.)


I lost my job and my employer is planning to terminate my H1b sometime next week.


My wife is on an F1 visa. While I look for another job i was planning to transfer to F2 status.


Here are my questions - 


Looking at my case, will I be able to transfer from F2 to H1b; if i get a job in couple of months?


If i get a job in next couple of month, will my new employer be able to file my new H1b immediately or will i have to wait till Oct 1 2014?


Can i start a new job on a new H1b visa with another 3 year cycle or will my new employer have to file my green card paper work too with this new process immediately with the new job? 


Am i looking at loosing my priority date of March 2010 ( This of lesser significance.)


Any replies will be much more appreciated.



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