H1B Transfer options for Short Term Stay


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This is my current scenario: 

Am currently on H1-B with company A. I am looking to join company B in India, which has a strong US presence. 
Now, company B is exploring the option of having me spend some time (1 month) in the US to familiarize myself with the processes/systems and have a few knowledge transfer sessions. 

Among these options, which one is more apt -

  1. Transfer H1-B from Company A to Company B and then shift to India ? My I140 is in approved stage
  2. Convert H1-B to B1 visa ?
    • Is this any faster than H1B to H1B transfer?
    • Can one get a H1B to B1 visa transferred without having to leave the country?
  3. Quit company A and join company B without an H1 transfer?
    • Is this allowed or ok for a short duration like 1 month?
  4. Any other option?

Any pointers will be really helpful. I am not really keen on coming back to the US, so maintaining my H1 status is not really a high priority. 


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