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Hi ,


I recently graduated in May 2013 and started work in a consultancy(Company A) . I am currently working for one of their clients and have learnt a lot over the course of 6-7 months. It's even helped me get a full time job in a field related to my degree. 


So why am I here?


I am currently on OPT and would like to do a STEM extension with my new employer(Company B) .


So here is what I want to know


Is it possible to for me to pursue the above mentioned statement?


What Documents will I need from my Previous employer(Company A)?


I'm pretty sure it would be my experience letter but considering the fact they are a Desi consultancy and will surely give me a run for my experience letter. Is there any other way I can get a document that can substitute the importance of the experience letter?


Now lets say all goes well and I get the OPT extension with my new employer's(Company B) offer letter and the time has come for them to file my H1B. Will I need to submit documents related to my employment with company A which I did during my OPT? or will all that I did in my STEM extension be enough?



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