Regarding working on H1B on contract


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I am on a w2 now with my current company. My wife got a job in another state and I am looking to move. However my current employer won't let me work full time from another state.


If I were to have them amend their H1 to a concurrent H1B , can I work for the same employer on contract from another state ? 


What is the procedure to convert a regular H1B to a concurrent H1B ?


Do I have to have another H1 ,if I have a concurrent H1B ? Or can I work for different employers on Concurrent H1B ?

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I am specifically asking about Concurrent H1B visa's. Can I change my full time visa status to the concurrent visa so that I can work as a contractor ?

Did you not read the answers???

On H1, you can NEVER work as contractor!

Do I need to repeat it???

On H1, you can NEVER work as contractor!

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