Questions about deportation and issues with Dwi


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Hi All,



last year i was charged with a dui. the disposition was reduced to probation before judgment(which is not a conviction as per the state law) for driving while impaired(carries max 60 days and max 500$ (bac <0.08 ) all of it was suspended but given 1 year probation . im still on probation will be finishing all the alcohol education and probation soon. aim trying to get off probation early.


my questions are


- can anybody get deported for this offense ? this is my first offense (never even got a speeding ticket in my life). i know that Pbj is considered as conviction as per federal law. aim concerned about this  as im on H1B with no visa stamping. 


- my parents are going to visit me here. will there be any problem for them due to this? 

-iam planning to visit home in few months . is this offense make me inadmissible when returning?

-is there a chance that uscis/homeland security contacts me about this and how long does it take?

-what are my future employment chances with this in my record? (can't be expunged as per maryland law)


thank you,


appreciate your help

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-You would not be deported for DUI, as long as you fully follow the legal procedure, court ruling etc

-Your parents Visa or entry to this country would not be impacted due to your case

-You would have no problem in Visa interview or while entering to this country as long as you do not misrepresent. You need to carry all your court documents and be honest.

-USCIS/HOmeland security does not contact you as long as you are staying legally in this country or follow all legal procedure related to your case.

-Future employment is the only concern, Since most companies do the background checks and can impact your prospective employment.

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2013lucky, thanks alot for the reply.  what kind of impact in future employment? will they reject my application right away after they see the record? can i pass the backgroud check with DWI. anybody please let me know your expirience on how you obtained a job after dui/dwi. 

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Background checks and how it impacts your job prospects vary depending upon the company and the role you apply for.

Some jobs require a lot of traveling and even a single DUI will impact. Others probably wont...

A job in the banking industry for example doesn't care even if you have domestive violence case on your record. But if you have ever bounced a check, you are disqualified.

Does that help?

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