N400 and Residency Requirement


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Hello everyone,


Just had a quick question that I am a little confused about. 


I believe there is a 3 month residency requirement within the state or USCIS district when applying for N400. Is the 3 month residency requirement needed prior to the filing date (90 days prior to 5 year mark) or the date of the 5 year mark of being permanent resident? 


It will be 5 years in mid-August since I have been a PR and I am planning to apply 90 days in advance as allowed (so this will be in mid-May). My dilemma is that I am also thinking about moving states right now and in the process of looking for new jobs. I am sure the whole process will take a few months at the least (I won't move until May or June). I just want to make sure about the 3 month requirement prior to commiting to a move at this current point in time. Any help would be great.


Thanks for your help.

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