Changing the employer after I 140 approved


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Hello All,


I am currently on H1B visa and my I140 has been approved. My first 3 yrs  of H1B visa was expired 7/2011 and got extension until 7/14. I did not use my H1B for 1.5 yrs in the first 3 yrs. My current project may not be extended and may need to change the employer very soon if the things does not work as I expected....


What I would like to know is...


1) Will I be able to change the employer and use my approved I 140 for visa extension after 7/2014?

2) If I  change my employer, Will I be able to claim the 1.5 yrs of unused H1B if I am not allowed to extend the visa using my approved I 140?


It would be great if you could answer to my questions. Thx in advance...!!!!

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