Same or Similar Occupational - Changing Job On EAD


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Hi Guys,


I got my EAD in 1012 and my H1B is valid till sept 2014. So far I didn't use EAD. Now I am planning to change current employer(GC sponsor)  and join another employer on EAD.


I have a question regarding "Same or Similar Occupational". My PERM was filed for Project Manager position but being a contractor I didn't get promotion in position. I look for hourly rate then what the position client is looking for.


Based on my work experience I am getting technical role like Sr. Developer/Tech Lead/Architect. So question here is:

- Will this create a problem when I file AC21 after joining new company on new technical role not Project Manager?


My PD is July 2008, should I wait till I get GC and then change job? Please suggest.



Desi in Pradesh

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