Regarding 221 (g) Blue slip from Chennai US Consulate


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Greetings for the day.


I attended interview for B1 visa and was handed over 221 (g) pink slip and was asked to monitor my case online in pending administrative processing website.


After few months, I requested the Chennai consulate to return my passport and they couriered it to my postal address and the admin processing was still on.


After a long wait, the status changed to SEND PPT. Since I was not in India at this time, I sent a mail to Chennai consulate. I received a mail saying that they have issued a 221 (g) blue slip and asked me to come to the Chennai consulate on any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. I am also asked to bring the blue slip for interview, but the blue slip which I am having is a scanned copy (received via email). It seems that consulate people tried to courier it to my address but it didn't reached me, while same postal address was used to courier my passport by these guys.


In the 221 (g) blue ship, only tick marked is for: “You may appear for an interview with a consular officer on any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm. Please bring this letter with you to the interview. Do not make a new appointment.”


Please answer my below queries:

1.    Is it ok for me to carry the scan copy of 221 (g) blue slip (this copy is not a colored copy)?

2.    What other documents do I need to carry apart from original passport? (for e.g. Appointment confirmation DS 160, Pink slip etc)

3.    Should the passport have a minimum no. of blank pages? If yes, what is the minimum no. of blank pages required?

4.    What type of questions are asked for 221 (g) blue slip?

5.    If I pass the interview, when would I receive the passport with visa stamping? Can I pick up the passport personally?


Thanks in advance.





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Visa Officer         : Passports

Me                         : Gave the passports (me & my family passports)

Visa officer         : Are you working for xxxxx?

Me                         : Yes

Visa Officer         :Client

Me                         : xxxxxx

Visa Officer         : xxxx Div1? (He was mentioning about a particular division of the client)

Me                         : No, I will be with another division, xxx DIV2.

Visa Officer         : Is that xxxx Div1?

Me                         : No, this is Div2.

Visa Officer         :What will you be doing?

Me                         : Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing. End to end Software Development Life Cycle.

Visa Officer         : (…interrupted) and asked is the client is xxx Div1?.

Me                         : No, that is a different division and I will be with another division (Division Name).

Visa Officer         : I don’t understand, Do you have your updated Resume? Can I have it?

Me                         : Yes, I do and I was taking that

Visa Officer         : Do you have the letter from Company & Client?

Me                         : Yes

Me                         : Provided the updated resume, Company Letter and the Client Letter.

Visa Officer         : Mentioned the Case Number on the blue slip (221g). I am forwarding to the Additional Administrative Processing and you can check the status online.

Me                         : Thank You.


Officer kept all our passports (originals) along with the Resume, Company Letter & Client Letter.


I have been in the US from 2006 to 2012 (6 years) and was with the same company and my GC process is in place and based on the Labor, I have applied for the H1 extension.


Fingers crossed..




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Today the Status update date has been changed to 18-Nov-2014.

It says "ISSUED" at the top of the window.


Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application.


Does it mean the Visa is approved?




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