H1B work location changed *URGENT*


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Can someone please help me understand whether my employer need to file the h1b amendment in following case:

I was on OPT/cap-gap until Sept 30th 2013 and was working full time for employer A in state X (by this time I already had the I-797 approved and my I-129 application had labor that was filed from location in state X). While I was still on OPT, I took an internal transfer with the same employer at another location in state Y starting Sept 1st week.

My employer gave me a copy of new LCA based on the new work location of state Y. However they didn't file for H1B amendment. My job title/duties are still the same and salary has been increased to satisfy the cost of living difference between the two states.

I came across few posts on forums that the amendment is a must whenever a work location is changed. Please advice since I will be travelling to India next month and have to go for visa stamping.

1. Does my employer need to file for an amendment?
2. If yes then how to deal with this situation since it already has been 5 months I moved to new state Y.
3. Will there be any issues during stamping?

Really appreciate your response.

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