OPT Ext. with X employer working with Y employer... (RFE)


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My OPT had started  in Jan 2013 but my graduation has completed in May 2013. In the mean while I have updated with ABC employer details in University website before 90 days. 


I had changed to PQR employer in October 2013. Since there are 3 months left to Jan 2014, I have applied for OPT extension with the details of PQR employer. This PQR has a sister company XYZ.


I have got a job(Nov 2013) and with which all my W2, pay stubs, and even E-verified with XYZ company name.


The problem is here, I have got a RFE in OPT extension process and notice from USCIS is that to submit correct E-verify number and my employer's correct business name as listed in E-verify. I do not have E-verify detail with PQR company.


Now, whose documents do I need to submit to USCIS now. Do I want to update the university website with XYZ company name and get new I-20 and then submit these(XYZ) E-verify documents..?


And my H-1 is also going to apply this year(2014) with XYZ company name. 


Please can anyone suggest me what should be my next step.


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