Jamaica - 02/10/2014 - H1B Visa approved


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Hi All, 


Me and couple of friends had visa interview scheduled today (2/10/2014) in Kingston, Jamaica. We would like thank Murthy forum for helping out in the process, and we would like to share our experience  


Travel plans:

Don’t forget to buy return ticket and also reserve a hotel beforehand.

Carry around $300 USD (at least 20 $5 bills. You will pay only $5 to travel anywhere in Kingston.)

Note: from airport to hotels in New Kingston costs you $15 per head. If you go in group it might cost you around $10 to $12.5)


We stayed in Knutsford court Hotel (It is decent place to stay). One my friend stayed in Altamont Court Hotel. Overall I would recommend the following hotels.

Knutsford court Hotel

Altamont Court Hotel

Liguanea Club


Buying the flight ticket:


I strongly recommend you to buy two separate one way tickets. Intially buy a one way ticket to Kingston (book it at any time). Buy the return ticket night before you leave for Kingston. so you can cancel the return ticket based on your passport pick up time (This is for people who don't have any vacation plans and may to return immediately after the visa interview)


Important: Usually Flight tickets are less expensive if you book them on Tuesday/Wednesday. Guys beleive me I have personally experienced it. You will see at least $100 to $150 difference.



Cab Driver details:


Name: Kevin Brown (he is a certified Jamaica tourism member. He is a fun guy to be with. You can rely on him throughout your trip.)

Ph: 876-446-6628/774-6058 (local)


Note: Don’t forget to bring a pen, stapler, and paper clips (you can get them from OfficeMax)


Port Of Entry:


They will ask for the following documents:



Visa Appointment Confirmation Letter

DS-160 Confirmation letter

Return Ticket

Hotel Reservation Page

Jamaica Immigration/Customs C5 Card (they will give in flight to fill out, similar to i-94)


Port of Enrty Questions:


Q: Purpose of Visit?

A: Visa Interview Appointment.


Q: Where are you staying?

A: Hotel Name.


Q: How long are you planning to stay?

A: Told return flight date.


Q: Questions related to Customs, like if you are carrying any valuable.

A: No.


Visa Interview:


My Interview was at 7.00 AM, was at US Consulate at 6.15 AM.


The key thing to the visa interview success is have enough paper work, be confident and, smile whenever appropriate and maintain eye to eye contact with the visa officer. I am sure you will get it.


There will be four stages.


Stage1: Initial Check outside:


They will ask for the following documents:



DS-160 confirmation letter

Visa Appoint Confirmation Letter.

Passport Photo.


Suggestion: take your picture with white background, and also even if you wear glasses take pic with no glasses. Even if you have missed it no need to worry, there is place opposite to consulate to take picture and give you in 5 minutes.


Important:Keep the departure receipt save with you, given at customs. You need to return this while leaving Kingston. 


They will staple your i-797, Photo to passport. 

After Initial Check, you will guide into building. 


Stage2: Security Check:


They allow bags inside If you want to carry your documents in bag. No electronic devices are allowed. 


After security check, they will guide you different building. Based on first come first server, they will give you token number, which they staple it to DS-160 confirmation page. 


After that you will be guided to next room which has set of visa counters, where you will be seated.


Stage3: Ten Print (finger prints):

Initial Step: 10-print.

They will look your passport.

Ten-printed for both your hands. 

Normally they don’t ask questions. 


Again Finger Scan:

They will scan you one hand (based on gender, for male they scan right hand, and for female they scan left hand) - This is second time. 

Don't ask why second scan. :-) 


Wait for your Interview; they call you based on token number. 


Stage4: Actual Interview:


Visa Interview Experience: (Below is the bunch questions asked to me and my friends together)


Q: Who is your Employer Name?

A: Name of my petitioner.


Q: How long are you with your employer?

A: XX months.


Q: Where is your Employer located?

A: Place 


Q: Can I have your recent paytstub or bank statement?

A: Gave him recent paystub.


Q: Who is your previous employer?

A: Name


Q: How long did you work with your previous employer?

A: XX Years


Q: How long did you stay in U.S?

A: Xx years


Q: How many employers did you work with since you come to US?



Q: Where did you do you Masters?

A: Univ Name.


Q: What is your Major?

A: Answer


Q: When did you complete your masters?

A: XX month and XX year


Q: When are you planning to travel/leave Kingston?

A: Your return ticket date/day.


I heard the magical words “Visa Approved”. 


Passport Pickup:


Gave a red slip with when you come and pick up the passport. They will ask you come to consulate to pick up the passport. 


Any questions please feel free to post here.





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Hi Siva,


Did you did your masters from US or from India.


Can you please let me know , i have my L1 from TCS and then i moved to H1 and this will be my first H1 Visa Stamping.


I do not have my masters in US.


Appreciate your answer



Hi Debut,


I have done my masters in US.




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Thats a really nice post! thanks for all the advice..could you also be kind enough to post the links to reserve visa slot in jamaica...


how many days did you have to wait to get your passport after the interview? we are planning on a 7 day trip. is this enough?


Me and the wife are planning to go in Oct for both our stampings..I will be renewing my H1B visa for a new company and the wife will be changing her status from H1B to H4.


You might have done good research before going to Jamaica. Do you foresee any problems for our situation..can we consider bahamas too?

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Your case should be smooth in Jamaica. Also you will find more posts related to H1B stamping in Jamaica in my profile page.

Please go through all my post and articles in Facebook group I have created along with my friends.

All the information you have requested including the links to book the visa slot are mentioned in the articles.


Facebook group: Jamaica....!!!!

Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/781006041926871/


Let me know if you come across any issues joining the facebook group.




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